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Introducing Bella Vista Communications

Bella Vista Communications
(BVC) is a firm specializing in social media management, internet domain registration, web site content development, and strategic e-maintenance services (i.e. business process analysis, threat risk assessment, quality evaluation / survey analysis, site management, long range web content strategies, search engine optimization) for both Canadian, and Argentine based clients. We also provide strategic advice to small and medium size companies on how to implement their online marketing strategies in this new internet, and mobile environment.

Fulfilling the role of social media strategist we can help companies use Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools, and even turn them into revenue generating opportunities. BVC has also been sought out as managers of traffic generation (interpreting Google Analytics, knowing how to pick terms that will score well in searches and determine the best sites for banner ads), chief brand managers (protecting and promoting a company's brand to the wider world and throughout the organization), digital product managers (responsible for virtual products delivered electronically), and finally scrum masters (managing a team of agile programmers to accelerate apps development).

With a strong focus on functionality, we have created and co-developed quality sites for the Canadian federal government, non-profit organizations, and private sector companies. One of our first web projects was "The Village Well of GK 97". The site was one of the electronic dialogue initiatives of the Global Knowledge 97 Conference. This initiative of the Canadian International Development Agency was developed on behalf of the World Bank by our firm in 1997. Located in Ottawa, Canada with associates in Argentina we have developed expertise from servicing the information technology needs of Canada's national amateur sport and multi-sport/service organizations since 1986.

Domestic and International Projects for 2016


Bella Vista Communications is currently seeking to sell or co-develop the domain. It has significant potential to provide a high profile address for a Canadian sport services portal.


We are also currently seeking to sell or co-develop the domain.


Our company is in possession of a number of spanish domains (e.g.,,, that have great potential as context specific web portals.

To inquire about strategic partnerships, content development, co-branding opportunities or the lease/purchase of select web properties, please contact:

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Art Fifteen Gallery - 2016

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Medical Brokers S.A.

CIDA / World Bank - The Village Well of GK 97

Coalition For Biomedical & Health Research

CIDA - Information & Communication Technologies and Sustainable Development


Bella Vista Communications

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